Six Amazing Things Team Black Ballad Have Achieved In 2016

Published: Tuesday 29th November 2016 1:19PM

Updated: Wednesday 30th November 2016 11:43AM

This is just the start of what is to come from team Black Ballad…

It’s been a long time since we wrote something on here. Ok, that’s a little bit of a lie, we uploaded our crowdfund campaign to the website a few weeks ago. And our editor Tobi wrote Editor’s Letter about crowdfund. *monkey covering eyes emoji!* 

Well in case you thought our only big move in the last four months has been the crowdfund, you are mistaken. Over the last four months, we have had individual and group success and if we don’t blow our own trumpets as black women, who will?

1. We have been nominated for a Screen Nation Digital is Media Awards.

Ok, let’s keep things 100. Every now and then, it’s nice to be acknowledged for the work you do. So there was a mini team celebration when we found out, that we were nominated for Favourite Arts, Entertainment and Lifestyle website / magazine at the Screen Nation Digital is Media Awards. It’s a tough category as we’re nominated against Gal Dem and The British Blacklist, who have both done amazing work this year. It’s a blessing to be recognised by the black British community and if you do feel we deserve more than recognition and want us to walk away with the award, then you can vote for us here




 2. It’s official, we now produce award-winning journalism.   

Samara Linton, who has written some phenomenal content for the Black Ballad, received the New Journalist accolade at the End Violence Against Women Media Awards. The EVAW coalition nominated Samara specifically for her work on Black Ballad and highlighted her Meet The Woman Detained In Yarl’s Wood Centre After Living In The UK For 18 Years and Three Black Women Discuss Their First Time Experiences With Mental Health pieces. As a team, we are immensely proud that Samara’s work was recognised among writers from established media platforms such the BBC, Guardian and Sky News. It shows us and the rest of the world that Black Ballad is finally being seen as a platform for serious journalism.       


3. We became published authors.

Our articles: We Need To Stop Labelling Black People As White by Michelle Badipe and The Aftermath Passage: A Collection Of Personal Stories About Feeling Conflict by Asiya Elgady will be published in two different books. We Need To Stop Labelling Black People As White will be published in the 2016 edition of Issues - a cross-curricular book for teenagers; while The Aftermath Passage: A Collection Of Personal Stories About Feeling Conflict will be published in a book titled The Aftermath Passage. The book uses photography and art to tell the stories of people who have been impacted by migration, war, and conflict.

Mary O - The Aftermath Passage - Banner

4. Korkor spoke & debated to Cambridge University.

Another one of our great writers, Korkor Kanor was invited to Cambridge to debate her article, Political Correctness: How Far is Too Far? As you can imagine, as a team we were thrilled for her and extremely proud that her work was recognised by a wold renowned educational institution. The icing on the cake? Korkor got a free weekend stay at Cambridge! 

Photo via Cambridge University

Photo via Cambridge University

5. Tobi shone during BBC’s Black & British season

The BBC’s Black and British season has been the stand out media event of the year. So when our Editor joined the BBC 1Xtra’s debate panel, we were in the audience cheering from the stands and from behind our laptops, as she spoke about how black women are always labelled as angry and how they are culturally erased by many women’s magazines.

6. Our event Cocktails & Conversation on Black History

After two years, we finally had the courage to put on our first event – Cocktails and Conversation on Black History. With amazing black women onstage and in the audience, #CocktailsAndConvo was without a doubt one of our, if not, our greatest accomplishment yet…


We’ve managed to build Black Ballad into a respected media home on little more than £5,000 out of the pocket of our founders and the hard work of our team, all of whom volunteering their spare time and talents to explore and share what life looks like through the eyes of black women in Britain.

We have much more we want to do if we are going to achieve our goal of empowering the united voice of black women in Britain. But we can’t do this without your help. If you want to continue to see award-winning, authentic media, events and experiences for black women, by black women, join us & become a member.


Editor's Letter: Black Ballad 2.0

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