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Why Was Black Ballad Created?

As we know, the world isn’t very nice to black women.

This is something Tobi Oredein, Black Ballad editor & a freelance journalist knows too well.

As a member of the media for over five years, she has been a witness and victim of the media seeming to have a thing against black women & it revolves around these three reasons:

British Journalism Is 94% White & 55% Male.

That is according to a study by City University. So it goes without saying that the large majority of news & entertainment you consume every day probably wasn’t created or checked by someone that looks like you. It’s also why the same stereotypes dominate how we are portrayed.

Our Experiences, Stories & Issues Have To Be Mainstream Approved To Get Published.

If a black woman is lucky enough to get into the newsroom, the articles & video packages still have to fit certain stereotypes to be published. This leaves little room for black creators to publicly explore truly authentic experiences of people that look like them.

Most Media Works For Their Advertisers, Not Readers & Definitely Not Black Readers.

In order for (especially free) media sites to pay the bills, they have reach as much of the (predominantly white) general public as possible. As a result, many publications are more concerned with going viral, than providing diverse points of view. This makes it even harder for black women to break into journalism, and break the negative stereotypes that portray us.

Tobi Oredein & Bola Awoniyi founded Black Ballad in June 2014 to change all of this and create a place that put black women in Britain first, not last.

We have done a lot in our two years; We’ve called out MIA for headlining Afropunk UK and mainstream magazines for their attitudes towards brown beauty. But we have also authentically explored our identity as black women in Britain, told the stories of black British female students, entrepreneurs, mental health sufferers and held our first event, Cocktails & Conversation on Black History.

Capping it off was the #BlackBalladCrowdfund, where 273 black British women and allies bought into our plan to empower the united voice of black women in Britain, so that our experiences can be told and shared on our own terms on a consistent basis.

How Will Black Ballad Empower Black Women In Britain?

There are three key ways that Black Ballad wants to empower black women in Britain, which make up the Black Ballad membership:

Empowerment Through Content.

We are creating a truly 21st century media publication for the black British woman that is more likely to use her smartphone than she is to buy a paper magazine. Black Ballad will continue writing articles, but will expand into podcasts & videos on everything from politics to periods, and beauty tips to thoughts on black British culture and identity, all created for black women, by black women.

Empowerment Through Commerce.

Black women are among the most valuable consumers in the world, but many businesses & industries undervalue the importance of the black British pound. Black Ballad is partnering with businesses that care about black women just as much as we do, many of them owned by black women. Here are just some of our inaugural brand partnerships that will be running discounts and special offers for Black Ballad members:

Empowerment Through Community.

We know there is a lot that can divide us; from our skin tones, to the cultures & backgrounds that ground our identity. These are things that should be explored & celebrated, not used as a point of conflict. Black Ballad will be bringing our members together digitally & physically; first through an online chat platform for black women to discuss whatever their hearts desire in a safe space. And Cocktails & Conversation was just the beginning of the lifestyle events we’ll be hosting.

How Do I Become A Member?

Membership starts from just £4 a month & we have three membership options. Your membership will start in Spring 2017 as we currently recreating our website, hiring the best team possible, buying equipment & all the things necessary to bring our vision of empowering black women in Britain to life.

Black Ballad membership - £30

(£5 per month)

  • A six month membership to Black Ballad starting from Spring 2017
  • Unlimited access to Black Ballad articles, podcasts & video content
  • Exclusive discounts & offers for products, services & events perfect for black British women

Black Ballad membership - £49

(£4 per month)

  • A 12 month membership to Black Ballad starting from Spring 2017
  • Unlimited access to Black Ballad articles, podcasts & video content
  • Exclusive discounts & offers for products, services & events perfect for black British women

Premium Black Ballad membership - £69

(£6 per month)

  • A 12 month membership to Black Ballad starting from Spring 2017
  • Unlimited access to Black Ballad articles, podcasts & video content
  • Exclusive discounts & offers for products, services & events perfect for black British women
  • Exclusive online chat platform for black women
  • Free access to selected Black Ballad events

A 20% student discount is available for all students from college through to those taking professional qualifications. Simply email us at with a picture of your student card.

Black Ballad memberships can also be bought as a gift. Take a look at our gift page for more details.

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Q. When will my membership start?

Your membership will start when we re-launch the new and improved Black Ballad site. We are aiming for Spring 2017, and we’ll be providing regular updates as we get closer to the time.

Q. I don’t live in Britain. Can I still become a member?

We are based in the UK, but Black Ballad (apart from the events) lives on the internet and is available to everyone that can go to our website - wherever they live in the world.

Q. How have you made and funded your content so far?

Black Ballad has been self funded by its founders and has been run by a team that have volunteered their time, efforts and to produce over 300 articles, a bunch of videos, some podcast experiments and an event over two years. It’s been amazingly fun and extremely gratifying, but it’s not something we can afford to run for free any more.

Q. Why should I pay to read articles and watch videos?

Because it is the only way to make sure the stories and perspectives of black British women are told authentically and fairly. Black women are rarely, if ever given the opportunity to do this through mainstream media outlets. We don’t want to have to pander to mainstream audiences and advertisers in order to do this sustainably, so paying Black Ballad allows us to focus on creating the best content possible for black British women.

Q. Will any of your content be for free?

A limited amount of content will be available for free, but you won’t be able to experience Black Ballad at its best without a subscription.

Q. Will all of your events and experiences be in London? What about the rest of the UK?

We know a lot of our content has been London-centric. This has been purely due to a lack of resources. However, our membership model will allow us to start creating content and putting on events for black women outside of London too.

Q. Is there a student discount on Black Ballad membership? How do I get it?

Yes there is a 20% student discount on all membership packages. This includes college, sixth form, university & professional qualification students. All you have to do is email us ( a picture of your student card.

Q. Can I buy multiple memberships as a gift for my loved ones?

Yes! You can buy up to five gift memberships at a time from here. We'll even help you deliver the good news with a fancy email! We also offer a bulk discount for anyone buying more than 5 memberships. Contact us at to get the ball rolling!

Q. Is Black Ballad ONLY for black women?

We create experiences that empower black women. While some of our experiences (like our online chat platform) are being designed to be safe spaces for black women, we are more than happy and even encourage men & those from others ethnicities from to engage with our content. We already have several members who are not black women, so as long as you agree that black women deserve to be empowered, feel free to join us, regardless of your race & gender.

Q. I have other questions!

Great! Email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.